Why is Stirling III Residences Your Best Choice If You Plan To Live On Your Own

A big new mega condo is on the way, Stirling III Residences could be one of the biggest residential project in the coming few years and you can be part of its success. In the heart of Queenstown Singapore, this new residential development will be launching soon and with the complete list of price guide for all the apartments, beginning from one-bedroom unit type. Want to know all the benefits of living here? Keep reading for more.

The perks of living in Stirling III residences

There are some extra features of living in Stirling III Residences that may interest you. From long walks in a serene environment to the close-proximity of the CBD, this condo offers you multiple options:

  • Quiet parks and green areas to take a walk/relax: Queenstown offers you some green areas that will be peaceful and relaxing in nature. The Ridout Tea Park, with a McDonalds there, is an option if you like Japanese-Themed gardens. The Alexandra Canal Linear Park if one of the nearest to the future residence, beginning from the Queenstown MRT Station, is a 1.4 km walk from start to finish, ideal for long walking exercises at any hour of the day.


  • A lot of retail shops: Queenstown is famous for having an IKEA, but that’s not the only shopping haven. The Anchorage, the nearest shopping mall to the condo, is a really good option if you want to buy some boutique outlet clothing with shops offering big sale for almost every day of the year. Queenstown Shopping Centre is another nearby option for serious sports apparel person. Besides that, there is a myriad of grocery and amenities venue in buying ingredients for your home cooked food.


  • Easy transport: If you’re using public transportation, the Queenstown MRT will be your best option. This station is very near to Stirling III Residences and only 5 stations away from the CBD and 2nd CBD, this allows you the chance to stay close to areas of the town in within minutes. If you’re a vehicle owner, the condo is located near the Alexandra road and the Commonwealth Avenue, this gives you an easy access to the surrounding neighborhood and other parts of the town.


  • Food, food, and more food: There is a lot of great places selling delicacies near Stirling III Residences. When you cross the street from your residence, you will find Mei Ling Market & Food Centre, a place with many options in the food department, you’ll be able to taste many local cuisines with the cheap price tag here. Also, there is a wide range of options if we talk about food, from western-style menus like the one offered in Colbar Café to the more Asian menu in places like the Salute Kopitiam.


Stay up to date with the launch date news

Are you keen? You can register online to follow the news and we will update you on the complete price guide that will be launched in the next couple of months. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this project, Stirling III residences is the place where you’ll love.

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