Tanjong Katong New Condo Amber 45

Tanjong Katong Amber 45

Tanjong Katong Amber 45, a fresh face residential development proudly brought to you by UOL Group Limited. A super modern and prominent landmark will be built along the amber road region which is within the Marine Parade precinct. The brand-new condo will be erected on a plot of land which is right in between of both Shore Residences and The Sea View condo development.

A super private enclave neighbourhood, they have a multitude of facilities in catering for your friends and family as and when they require. Amenities may include a potential Olympic size swimming pool for the real competitive swimmers, barbecue pits for your favourite wings along with an ice-cold beer, an indoor fitness centre for the builders, play area for your kids and perhaps a private club.

Ban Nee Chen @ Amber 45

This latest freehold condo is situated at 45 Amber Road, a plot of land formerly used by a floral nursery and horticulture business for 30 over years. They were well known and an established organization to date, serving the local and overseas communities with a long-term mindset. However, they have since made their way and move on with their life for the construction of Amber 45 condo.

Shopping Centres Near Tanjong Katong Amber 45

Ever since Parkway Parade was opened in 1984, and with a seven-storey retail mall, there isn’t anything else in the neighbourhood, not until in recent years that they began to build new malls such as I12 and several other smaller complexes for the residents residing in the area.

Besides Parkway Parade and I12, Amber 45 will also be in close-proximity to one of the most retro shopping centres in Singapore, the Katong Shopping Centre which is within stone’s throw away distance. It was hardly renovated since their early hey days in the 1970s. You will be able to find old mamak shop, you can call it sundry shop or mini-mart as you wish, vintage tailors, hardware stores, maid agencies and some affordable eating houses there. An oh, there is a Karaoke joint within the complex and that is for everyone including young children. Probably this place has been waiting for their chances to have a shot at a collective sale just as the en-bloc fever rages on now.

Transportation Surrounding Amber 45

You may not be convinced till you read this, the exact location of this condo was blessed with two upcoming major train stations. Both within short walking distance, Tanjong Katong and Marine Parade MRT will be plying along the Thomson East Coast Line (TEL). Non-driving residents from Amber 45 condo will be pleased to have this as they will be able to travel into the central business district (CBD) in just a few stations away. Scoring so highly on the convenience segment will be one of the critical buying decision factor for many home purchasers. So, if you’re looking to have a shot in residing this District 15 area, register your interest for a viewing arrangement soon!


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