Residing in the Former Mayfair Gardens Among the Green Oasis

Air, water and land pollution, as well as lots of concrete and asphalt around us have over decades turned living in the city from being a highly attractive and wanted to almost frown upon lifestyle. Fortunately, there are many new condo projects being planned in our tiny Singapore that gives hope on better living in the city for our long-term future. One of them is the former Mayfair Gardens located at Rifle Range Road, bought over by Citrine Property as part of the Oxley Holdings Limited.

Mission and vision of the Mayfair residential development

The mission of the new Mayfair Collection’s residential development is to provide a very safe, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable green oasis for an urban, but peaceful lifestyle of a family or singles on a convenient and attractive locale under one condition: minimum pollution. This includes the precious air, water and land pollution.

This is the main reason why new residents of Mayfair Collection residential units will have the opportunity to enjoy a large thematic garden surrounding the entire condo. There are many different kinds of local trees which produces oxygen and protect the residential units from overheating. Ensuring fresh air, enrichening the subject site with more relaxing greenery and beautiful scenery, the beautifully done gardens will certainly become one of the best places for spending individual’s spare time for a long time.

Peaceful and modern condos with a touch of luxury

In accordance with the Oxley Holdings mission and vision – “creating residential properties of a desirable lifestyle”, the latest Mayfair Collection provides a truly peaceful, desirable and luxurious lifestyle for both singles and extended families. Due to the hectic modern lifestyle, the developers of this new residential project made sure that the future residents of this urban pearl enjoy all the benefits of a collective housing at its best.

Those living in one of the Mayfair units will be able to utilise a well-equipped indoor gym, a beautiful spa centre with several relaxation options or take an evening stroll in the mesmerizing garden. All residents and their guests can also enjoy the lap pool. The condo’s neighbourhood is rich in natural asset as well, with the Bukit Timah nature reserve as well as several public parks and gardens are surrounding this invaluable property. This is why one can certainly say that the simple lifestyle here depicts a desirable, modern and peaceful in a green oasis with a touch of luxury. In this way, it is the perfect embodiment of the Oxley Holdings mission and vision moving forward.

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