Residing at 3 Cuscaden Walk Condo Singapore

In the case of condo developments, you would find them popping up like mushrooms whichever direction you look at. 3 Cuscaden Walk Condo will also be the perfect example of this. All thanks to the majority’s preference and desire to live in a condo environment.

Even then, you would find yourself in a dilemma in terms of buying a new home or renting as a tenant for long-term. Since this will probably be the most significant investment that you would be making in your lifetime, and something which will last you for many years to come. You will have to ensure that the upfront investment would be worth your hard-earned money and therefore, it will be a good idea to familiarize yourself on the benefits by residing in a condo would otherwise offer you.

Luxury and Comfort

You will almost certainly be able to enjoy both luxurious and comfort at 3 Cuscaden Walk Condo. This is because, the entire development will come equipped with the world-class building features and first-class amenities. That will mainly be the reason that you would find living in a condo to be so comfortable. Among the facilities that you would be able to enjoy as a resident here includes the sky lounge, fitness room, swimming pool, and many more.

Proximity and Accessibility

Thanks to 3 Cuscaden Walk Condo, it is located in such a convenient location that you would be able to find everything you need in one single area. This could also be the main reason on many home owners mind where the thought of owning a condo would be a practical idea.

With the strategic locale in Orchard road and directly opposite Wheelock Place, you will be able to access the shopping malls, commercial establishments, hospital, entertainment areas, and schools in a quick fashion. All of this would then amount to a hassle-free and trouble-free living environment for the residents.

Wise Investment

All in all, by investing your money in 3 Cuscaden Walk Condo will be considered a wise move. This is because freehold condos located in the city will increase in value due to their increasingly rarity. In addition, flexible liquidity will also not be something which you would need to worry about as you’ll be able to offload your assets quickly with the always high demand. As a result, this will definitely be able to help you save a lot of stress in the long run.

Apart from this, while choosing between buying a landed home and a condo, you will find the latter to be less expensive and less intrusive. Even with the smaller space provided, you will be able to enjoy the diverse range of benefits and immediate amenities.

Due to all these positive attributes, you will find yourself owning a luxury condo in a prime area such as Orchard road very soon. If you decide to go through the buying process with a real estate agent by your side assisting you, you would find your work to become much easier since they would assume their responsibility over all the procedures. You will not have anything to worry about where 3 Cuscaden Walk Condo is concerned as well should you decide to purchase this beautiful development.

Tanjong Katong New Condo Amber 45

Tanjong Katong Amber 45

Tanjong Katong Amber 45, a fresh face residential development proudly brought to you by UOL Group Limited. A super modern and prominent landmark will be built along the amber road region which is within the Marine Parade precinct. The brand-new condo will be erected on a plot of land which is right in between of both Shore Residences and The Sea View condo development.

A super private enclave neighbourhood, they have a multitude of facilities in catering for your friends and family as and when they require. Amenities may include a potential Olympic size swimming pool for the real competitive swimmers, barbecue pits for your favourite wings along with an ice-cold beer, an indoor fitness centre for the builders, play area for your kids and perhaps a private club.

Ban Nee Chen @ Amber 45

This latest freehold condo is situated at 45 Amber Road, a plot of land formerly used by a floral nursery and horticulture business for 30 over years. They were well known and an established organization to date, serving the local and overseas communities with a long-term mindset. However, they have since made their way and move on with their life for the construction of Amber 45 condo.

Shopping Centres Near Tanjong Katong Amber 45

Ever since Parkway Parade was opened in 1984, and with a seven-storey retail mall, there isn’t anything else in the neighbourhood, not until in recent years that they began to build new malls such as I12 and several other smaller complexes for the residents residing in the area.

Besides Parkway Parade and I12, Amber 45 will also be in close-proximity to one of the most retro shopping centres in Singapore, the Katong Shopping Centre which is within stone’s throw away distance. It was hardly renovated since their early hey days in the 1970s. You will be able to find old mamak shop, you can call it sundry shop or mini-mart as you wish, vintage tailors, hardware stores, maid agencies and some affordable eating houses there. An oh, there is a Karaoke joint within the complex and that is for everyone including young children. Probably this place has been waiting for their chances to have a shot at a collective sale just as the en-bloc fever rages on now.

Transportation Surrounding Amber 45

You may not be convinced till you read this, the exact location of this condo was blessed with two upcoming major train stations. Both within short walking distance, Tanjong Katong and Marine Parade MRT will be plying along the Thomson East Coast Line (TEL). Non-driving residents from Amber 45 condo will be pleased to have this as they will be able to travel into the central business district (CBD) in just a few stations away. Scoring so highly on the convenience segment will be one of the critical buying decision factor for many home purchasers. So, if you’re looking to have a shot in residing this District 15 area, register your interest for a viewing arrangement soon!


Martin Modern by Guocoland Limited

Martin Modern by Guocoland Limited

If you want to find out more on Martin Modern, you have come to the right place as we will cover the initial stages for you in this brief article. If you are hunting for the ideal home in Singapore, would you like to have a botanical garden within the development? If you are looking for a place to call home, will the locale be of utmost critical issue on your purchasing decision?

We have the answers for you!

Martin Modern by GuocoLand, a public listed company in Singapore Exchange since 1978. They are the ones behind the current successful project located in our Prime District 09, along the highly coveted River Valley Road address. It is also in close-proximity to Robertson Quay where a myriad of food establishments is aplenty.

There are 450 condo units within this development and it appeals to both investors and home stayers alike for their diversity in room configurations. More than 50% has been sold as of date and we foresee there would be more exciting news coming from them as the current buying frenzy rages on, especially in our prime district 09, 10 and 11.

Since recovering from the slump, the extreme weakness seen in the past few years, private property in the prime areas are leading the price correction forward now. It would probably be unwise to go against the flow as the government is not restricting the current movements by implementing any new policies to curb the impending growth.

It could be the perfect buying opportunity “window” now when prices are climbing up from the bottom. If you miss the boat, don’t miss the train anymore.

Martin Modern is sitting on a land where it will be in a walking distance to the new Great World Station if you’re not a driving individual thus highly benefitting you as a resident residing in this area. With the train network in nearby distance, you’re only a station away from Orchard. You know what you’re getting into if you are so near in proximity. You can even reach Somerset by foot if you want.

Besides moving up north to Orchard, you are also very near to Mohd Sultan, Robertson Quay as well as Clarke Quay precinct. The difference between a quieter night spot venue against a more vibrant Clarke Quay which is slightly further away. You will have the best of both worlds residing in this perfect location which is highly favoured by the foreign communities.

Wait no longer if you have been sitting on the fence all this while, you would be dumbfounded when you realised the pace of selling out in just weeks for other projects around. It is really the time to take your action if you’re looking for a home. Good luck!


How much will it Cost to Buy Real Estate in Singapore?

Real Estate in Singapore

A first home will definitely be the most important purchase most of us will make. So how much it costs to buy a property in Singapore and what would be the total cost to complete a real estate deal? Let’s give you a brief idea about this.

Real Estate in Singapore

Average Prices:

Many believe the real estate market in Singapore is one of the most expensive ones in the world. That’s why initially it would look very difficult to find a good property at a reasonable price in this Southeast Asian city. But the good news is, despite the real estate prices in Singapore are falling they are enjoying a pick time since 2013. So, if you want to buy a property here, it’s the perfect time to strike the deal.

But you have to keep in mind several hidden costs are there behind every successful real estate deal. The most important three are the following:

  1. The purchase price
  2. The cost of a bank loan
  3. Homeowners insurance

The purchase price will be the paying one when buying, but the cost of bank loan and homeowners insurance will follow significantly after the purchase. Here we have tried to break down each of the three costs.

The Purchase Price:

  • Most of the properties in Singapore are sold for between S$400 per square foot and S$2,000 per square foot. In case of landed property (real estate with land ownership), the price will be the most while apartments, without any land ownership, can be bought for around S$400 per square foot.
  • An HDB apartment of 462 square foot including one bedroom and one bathroom will cost around S$200,000. But if you have a family of four members this is too small, a larger house with more bedrooms will be the best option for you. In case of landed properties with 3 bedrooms, the starting price will be S$300,000.

The Cost Of A Bank Loan:

  • Most of us don’t have S$300,000 in the bank account ready to be used anytime. So, people looking to buy real estate properties prefer a bank loan. What are the best home loans in Singapore? Recent market research states that most people pay between 0.72% and 1.59% per year for a 30-year mortgage.
  • For a 30-year home loan at 1.59% will cost you S$12,576 in principle along with interest each year. Over the entire time span of your loan, the cost would climb up to S$377,412. Keep in mind the property in this example costs S$300,000. You have to pay an extra S$77,412 in interest payments if you go for a bank loan.

Homeowners Insurance:

  • If the property you have bought is financed through the bank, there is a strong possibility that the bank will need you to have homeowners insurance. There have been many previous cases where the bank held this insurance and charged the consumer a monthly fee. The bank demands this insurance as technically they own the property you have bought. In case of a house fire or even a flood, you would lose the entire value of the home; it leaves the bank without any collateral to support the home loan.
  • Even if you decide to self-finance while purchasing a property in Singapore, homeowner’s insurance could become a wise decision in the future. You have to remember that a homeowner’s insurance most of the time will cover items within the house apart from the fixtures, walls, and windows.

How to Buy Real Estate in Singapore

Real Estate in Singapore

Since the early 90’s, Singapore has developed itself as one of the most famous destination, if you are looking for property investment. Stats say most of the people who have invested their money in Singapore property in the past have actually tripled their wealth. One of the most significant questions an investor can ask is, are the foreigners allowed to buy property in this hottest Southeast Asian city? The answer is yes, a foreigner can purchase a property in Singapore, but there are some restrictions.

Real Estate in Singapore

Non-restricted residential properties:

Foreigners are allowed to buy:

  1. Constructions that are approved as a condominium development under the Planning Act
  2. A flat in a 6 level- building or even more with the ground level and level below the ground level that host HUDC Phase I, Phase II flats and private HUDC Phase III and IV flats.
  3. Leasehold estate in a residential property that is restricted for a term which doesn’t exceed 7 years and if it is granted a renewal option.
  4. Restricted residential properties

Foreigners are not allowed to purchase:

  1. A vacant land.
  2. Residential properties with land like bungalows, terrace homes, houses that are semi-detached.
  3. A residential property of a building that has less than 6 levels.

Some other restricted properties:

  1. HDB (Housing & Development Board) Shophouse
  2. HDB flat if it is purchased directly from HDB
  3. Resale of an HDB flat although HDB has consented to the sale
  4. Executive Condominium purchased under the Executive Condominium Housing Scheme Act, 1996

If you are a foreigner looking to buy restricted residential properties, you have to download a proper application form at Then the filled up form must be submitted along with relevant supporting documents like the entry and re-entry permits and qualifications to the address below:

Land Dealings (Approval) Unit

No. 8 Shenton Way,

#27-02 Temasek Tower,

Singapore 068811

Buying HDB property:

If you wish to buy a flat directly from HDB, you have to be a Singapore citizen; you also need to include one more Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident to represent a family nucleus. In case of buying flat from the resale market, the process is almost same. You should be a Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident.

Property investments for Permanent Resident application:

As per the Global Investor Programme (GIP), constructed by the Economic Development Board (EDB), foreigners can apply for Permanent Resident (PR) status if they agree to invest a certain amount of money in Singapore business set-ups or other investment schemes like venture capital funds, foundations or trusts that constantly work on economic development. Application for Permanent Resident status will be considered in case of private residential properties investment. A foreigner can apply for a PR status if he agrees to invest minimum S$2 million in business set-ups.

Singapore property tax:

  • Buyer stamp duty has a normal stamp duty (3% – SGD 5400) for a property that is above S$360,000 along with additional buyer stamp duty of 15%.
  • You have to pay for the seller stamp duty only if you wish to sell the property within 4 years from the day of purchase. The first year, the rate is 16%, but it decreases each year.
  • For residential property, yearly property tax ranges from 0 – 12% of the annual value.
  • For foreigners, rental income tax rate is 20%, but it will increase up to 22% beginning from the Year of assessment.
  • In Singapore goods and service tax is fixed at 7%.